Wahoo Elemnt BOLT Stealth Edition Cycling Computer


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Wahoo Elemnt BOLT Stealth Edition Cycling Computer

Packed with advanced technology and features, the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT Cycling GPS Computer is the first bike computer in which the computer and mount come in an integrated design, making it extremely aerodynamic. The system has been tested using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and in a 40km TT, a rider averaging 21mph will be around 12.6 seconds faster than the leading competitor.


The BOLT is compatible with both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart for pairing to all your bike sensors, and integrates fully with a number of apps and Strava Live Segments making it easy to analyse all your cycling statistics. Being 100% wireless, there is no need to plug the computer in unless it requires charging.

If you have electronic shifting on your bike, the BOLT can display a visual and numerical display of your gears, as well as the remaining gear shifting battery life. There are also fields for displaying saturated and total haemoglobin metrics if you have a BSXInsight or Moxy Muscle Oxygen sensor.

Essential Training Tool

KICKR control allows you to integrate the computer to your KICKR or KICKR SNAP and take full control of the trainer in three different modes; Erg, Level and Routes/Ride History. The display allows you to get real-time performance data on one screen making this computer the perfect training companion.

Easy To Use

Central to the ELEMNT BOLT is simplicity; both in set up and usability. The free companion app allows pairing via QR code and then workout pages can be configured with a smartphone. Maps of nearly every country in the world are pre-loaded for easy navigation wherever you decide to ride, and with wireless integration routes will automatically download from Strava, Ride with GPS and Komoot.

Achieve Your Goals

Another highlight of the Wahoo head units is the Planned Workouts feature. It helps you stay on track with your fitness goals by allowing you to follow structured training sessions from TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan. Wirelessly syncing a maximum of a weeks worth of workouts, you will then be guided through the session using power, heart rate or cadence. Don’t worry if you don’t have a TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan account, there are preloaded workouts you can follow.

Stay in The Loop

The Live Track feature allows you to connect to other Wahoo users and you can ensure family and friends know where you are with remote tracking. Text and phone alerts when connected via Bluetooth mean you won’t miss any important calls or text while out on your bike.

What’s in the box

  • Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT Cycling GPS Computer
  • Aerodynamic out front mount
  • Stem mount
  • USB charging cable
  • Quick start guide

New updates and features:

  • ANT+ Radar Integrations
Pair ANT+ rearview radar to ELEMNT BOLT for real-time proximity of vehicles approaching from behind.  Vehicles are represented directly on the computer’s screen.
Pairing: Radar will pair within the ELEMNTs settings screen like all other sensors and only pair via ANT+.
  • Specialized ANGi Integration
Compatible with Specialized ANGi crash detector to view and override the incident countdown alert.
The Specialized Ride App acts as a bridge between the ELEMNT GPS bike computer and the ANGi sensor when both devices are connected to it. After the one-time initial setup, with their phone in their pocket and the Ride App running in the background, the rider can press start on their ELEMNT GPS bike computer and gently shake their ANGi. The bike computer will communicate with the Ride App to enable ANGi and send a ride start alert to the rider’s emergency contacts. (Note: The Ride App must be running in the phone’s background for ANGi and Wahoo to communicate and transfer data).
If ANGi detects a potential crash, the countdown timer will appear on the Wahoo display. In the event the rider is OK and doesn’t need to call for help, the alert can be cancelled from the computer itself.
  • ANT+ LEV Integration
The ANT+ light electric vehicle (LEV) provides a variety of information such as current speed, distance travelled, remaining battery life and range, and current state information. An ANT+ LEV display is used to communicate this information to the user. The display device may be a bike mounted unit, watch, cell phone or other personal display device like an ELEMNT Bike Computer. The purpose of the ANT+ LEV device profile is to provide a robust means of interoperable communication between LEVs and displays

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